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Marble in Pickens County

Georgia Marble

can be found throughout the Unites States, from the New York Stock Exchange to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to many locations right here at home.

Learn more about Georgia Marble at the Pickens County Marble History Museum and on the Georgia Marble Story Trail.

Marble Museum Pickens County Georgia

The marble industry in Pickens County, Georgia owes its success to the perseverance of early settlers and entrepreneurs. From Henry T. Fitzsimmons, who recognized the value of high-quality marble, to the Tate family who acquired large tracts of land, the industry grew steadily. The founding of the Georgia Marble Company in 1884 marked a turning point, as it brought together the best quality marble in America under one company. The plentiful supply of marble was extracted and distributed throughout the country by railroad, making Pickens County a hub for the marble trade.


To learn more about Pickens County Marble visit our Marble Museum located at 500 Veteran Memorial Blvd Jasper, GA 30143. Our hours are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm.

Today it is very likely that the lives of most people have been touched in some way by Georgia Marble.  Elegant buildings, monuments, and sculpture continue to be created for the world to see.

Learn about the origins of marble, the history of the marble industry in Pickens, and how marble is important in our daily lives.

Download a guide of the Georgia Marble Story Trail, and enjoy a virtual tour!

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