2022 PACA Annual REPORT

November 7, 2022

Dear Pickens Friends,

It’s hard to believe that 2022 will soon be done! This year Pickens Arts and Cultural Alliance (PACA) has had a record number of groups and individuals come before the board with great suggestions, ideas and proposals.  I hope you will enjoy seeing in our annual report the partnerships and activities that have resulted from these collaborations.

In July 2021 changes in state law caused the collection of Pickens County Hotel/Motel Tax to increase considerably.  As a recipient of a percentage of those fees, PACA has experienced a significant boost in funding.  However, with good fortune comes more responsibility and growing pains!

We cordially invite you to help us earn our keep. The 2018 Pickens County Joint Plan calls us to support both quality of life and economic development through tourism.  As our arts and cultural activities attract visitors to seek lodging, we are, in turn, fully realizing how those resources are funding arts and cultural projects to build a stronger and more vibrant sense of place. We need your thoughts, ideas, and observations as we move forward.

Let me encourage you to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.  We need your input as we seek to work together to do good things for our community.


Amelia McIntyre




Thanks to all who have served in 2022 in support of PACA.

2022 Executive Board

 Amelia McIntyre, President

Debby Helton, Vice President

Larry Wilson, Treasurer

Debbie Brownlee, Secretary

Jan Murphy, Communications and Development Chairman

Executive Secretary:  Lizzy Woodall

 2022 Board of Directors

 Debbie Brownlee (on leave of absence)

Bill Cagle

Debby Helton

Dwight Henderson

Amelia McIntyre

Jan Murphy

Heather Poole

Angela Reinhardt

Keri Shiver

Larry Wilson

Sandra Wright

Cole Miller

2022 Advisory Board

 Dyanne Beavin

Thelma “Bay” Cagle

Justin Davis

Becky Denney

Kenneth Farmer

Stacy Gentry

Rob Jarrett

Calvert Johnson

Mary Ellen Johnson

Anna Joiner

Rob Jones

Milagros Lane

Arthur McIntyre

Christie Pool

Folsom Proctor

Sally Stenger

Stephanie Williams

Nellie Lou Caylor

PACA 2022 Activities and Projects


PACA girls with the big boss/treasurer, Larry Wilson

Hooray!  A New Office!

In March PACA found itself in search of a new office.  Dan Pool approached us about his recently remodeled space by the Pickens Progress, AKA, the barbershop.  It was small, but the price was right!

We are so pleased to have a place of our own at 104 North Main Street, Suite 1-A. Being on Main Street has been a game changer for us.  People can readily find us and know who, what and where we are. And, the distillery is conveniently located in the back too!

Youth Art Month has significant impact on three PHS students.

Covid related complications discouraged us from having our Youth Art Month Show.  Instead we collaborated with the Pickens High School art department to offer scholarships judged on submitted portfolios. We were pleased to award three $1,000 scholarships to Brooke Browder, Joselly Bautista, and Macey Thomas.  We were pleased to display their beautiful work in our new office

Joselly Bautista with her family receiving her scholarship award and a piece from her portfolio depicting downtown Jasper

Help came our way….

For years PACA has aspired to hiring someone to keep us in order.  Though we did not get a director, we have been blessed to have Lizzy Woodall serve this year as our executive secretary.  Lizzy has been a great asset. We will hate to see her go back to college in Pennsylvania in January.  Thanks Lizzy….  We love you lots!

Lizzy brought to PACA a lot more than her organizational skills.  She was a great mime at the October Jasper ArtWalk.

We will be looking for a new executive secretary to work about 10 hours a month starting in January 2023.

Jan Murphy gave the PACA website a much needed upgrade

The PACA board is pleased to have welcomed Jan Murphy in mid-summer this year. As our new communications chairman, she has greatly improved our website and social media presence on Facebook.

You can find out more about PACA’s upcoming events through our Facebook page titled “Pickens Arts and Cultural Alliance” by clicking the link on our website:


Jan Murphy rocks!

The Summer Art Program expands to include Seniors

In May we advertised for art teachers to work our summer program.  We were pleased that Megan Stancil came on board to join with Debby Helton and Cole Miller to implement the project.  The previous year we had worked only with students at the local Boys and Girls Club.  This year we added our program at the Senior Citizens Center.

In the fall we were contacted by one of our participating Seniors, Joy Morrow.  Joy asked if we would please come back!  Debby Helton and Cole Miller have completed one return visit now with another planned for December.

Summer was a lot of fun on Main Street in Jasper

PACA was invited to participate in the June, July, and August Second Saturday events in Jasper.  We responded with a presence on both ends of Main Street.  On the north end we kept our office open through the evening displaying a variety of artwork that was for sale.  On the south end we participated in the children’s area with free mask and fan painting.  We also contributed to the professional face painter.

Art Walk Jasper

In 2022, the Jasper Art Walk premiered to a successful and lively crowd. The festival was led by our very own board member, Angela Reinhardt. This event occurred on the second Fridays of September, October, and November. It was a partnership with the Downtown Development Authority. Spearheaded by Pickens Development Authority CEO, Green Suttles, and Main Street merchant, Jack Dunn, it attracted thousands of visitors from far and wide. Special thanks to the Pickens Chamber of Commerce for printing numerous lots of the many posters and maps that were distrib

uted for the event.

Pictured at the top of the page is Jack Dunn and Green Suttles promoting the Art Walk on the wall outside Jasper Drug Store.  Pictured directly above are two bands featured in this year’s Art Walk events, The Bent Tree Mountain Jazz on the left and Michael Opitz trio on the right.

 Lynn Mayes, the first place winner from our first Art Walk in September

Looking Forward to 2023

PACA was pleased to give support to several projects and groups around the county that share many of our goals.

We were Silver Sponsors of the Marble Festival and Talking Rock Heritage Days.  We made a similar contribution to Tate Day to support such projects as the preservation of the Historic Tate Gym. We also maintain our membership with the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce.

The need for a guide showcasing our marble sites has come up repeatedly. Visitors come and ask where’s the marble??

We are excited and hopeful that this need will be answered in 2023. We are working to produce both a hardcopy and a virtual tour of the marble story sites.  If you want to suggest places or things for the tour please be in touch.

The Tate Mansion is at the top of the list of places we want to feature on our Marble Trail including times during the year it is open to the public.  We hope to tell the story of our marble by showcasing various sites of interest.

The mural at the intersection of East Church Street and Burnt Mountain Road needs help! Keep Pickens Beautiful (KPB) came to us with a partnership proposal to rethink and redo the mural.  We are currently working with KPB to decide the theme and design.

The mural on the Burnt Mountain intersection will be rethought and redone through a community partnership led by Keep Pickens Beautiful and PACA

Our plan is to work with muralist John Christian. We hope to apply for a Georgia Council for the Arts Grant to match funding.

Year End Treasurer Report-2022 Annual Meeting

Please note that this report covers 2022 from January 1 through November 11.

There are projects pending that are not included in this report.  Pickens Arts and Culture

Alliance (PACA) receives Hotel Motel Tax funding from the Pickens County Board of Commissioners.  PACA’s portion of the 2022, 4th Quarter Hotel Motel Tax will not be  received until the Spring, 2023.

Community Bank

Beginning Balance as of: January 1, 2022 $    12,842.22
Deposits : Amount $    57,800.04
3rd & 4th Quarter HMT – 2021 $   21,619.78
2 voided checks from 2021 $     2,200.00
1st Quarter HMT – 2022 $     7,721.71
2nd Quarter HMT – 2022 $   10,443.77
Sale of SAFS Art $        411.70
Sale of SAFS Art $           91.00
Sale of SAFS Art $        232.00
Donation for Senior Art Program $        100.00
3rd Quarter HMT – 2020 $   14,980.08

$    70,642.26                                                                                Subtotal

Checks Written 2022 January to November:                     $    19,284.58

A total of 65 checks were written from January          through October 2022.

Ending Balance as of: November 11 , 2022                                                                                                               $    51,357.68                                                                                       Total


2022 Budget Annalist


523851 – PACA Sponsored Events and Projects











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