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PACA was founded in 2007. We have been actively supporting arts and culture in our community for almost 20 years!

Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

November 7, 2022 Dear Pickens Friends, It’s hard to believe that 2022 will soon be done! This year Pickens Arts and Cultural Alliance (PACA) has had a record number of groups and individuals come before the board with great suggestions, ideas and proposals.  I hope you will enjoy seeing in our annual report the partnerships … Continue reading

PACA was established to give support and assistance to existing arts and historic preservation organizations in Pickens County. With the encouragement and support of county government the Pickens Arts and Cultural Alliance was formed in the summer of 2007 through a grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts.

Pickens County has a rich and diverse array of new and older organizations that provide outstanding programming. The organization’s vision, mission and core values are stated below.

Vision Statement
Our vision for Pickens County to be an arts and cultural destination of local, regional, and international interest.

Mission Statement
Pickens Arts and Cultural Alliance mission is:

To lead and coordinate the development of arts and cultural activities.

To increase monetary, human, and informational resources.

To help create a hospitality program  that promotes economic development, features the arts, preserves our natural beauty, and retains our authentic “down home” feel.

Core Values

  1. Arts & Culture enrich the lives of Pickens County residents.
  2. The arts significantly contribute to the development of children.
  3. Planning will be responsive to the voice of arts and cultural organizations and individuals.
  4. Preservation of historic resources will retain our cultural heritage and character.

Editorial Policy

The PACA website is the online means of carrying out the mission of PACA. The site is intended to provide a centralized outlet and referral site for information, contacts, web sites and other resources regarding all aspects of the arts and culture in Pickens County. Our Editorial Policy was approved by the Board of Directors on Jan. 19, 2011.  

Come work with us

If you would like to volunteer with a collaborative organization working to promote art and culture in our community, contact us!

Our partners

Join PACA to support arts and culture in Pickens County.

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