ArtWalk July 2024 - Juried Artist

Shayla McLarty

Shayla McLarty will be one of our juried artists during the July 2024 ArtWalk

About the Artist:

Shayla McLarty ArtWalk Jasper GA

Medium: painting

I work with acrylic paint as well as pastels, oil sticks, and graphite to create multi-layered, abstract paintings. I work intuitively to create expressive and color paintings on canvas. I am very inspired by nature, from seaside landscapes to flowers in my garden. I try to capture the feeling or memory of a moment rather than an exact replication.

I am an artist in Canton, Georgia. I received my BFA from The University of Georgia where I studied painting, photography, and more. I use my multi-disciplinary studies to create layered works inspired by nature and daily life.

Some of Shayla's Art

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