ArtWalk July 2024 - Juried Artist

Deborah Shein

Deborah Shein will be one of our juried artists during the July 2024 ArtWalk

About the Artist:

Deborah Shein ArtWalk Jasper GA

Medium: Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic

Having honed her technical skills over the years, Deborah has recently turned to acrylic pours to allow her to extend her creativity through color. This loose style of painting, balanced with her technical skills, allows her to have the confidence to bring more emotion into her work. As a firm believer that art affects people on a personal level, Deborah strives to make pieces that tell infinite stories, each one unique and relatable to a viewer’s own life experiences and sense of beauty.

Deborah Shein has a degree in Fine Art from Pensacola Christian College. She has explored and delved into several mediums and styles, her favorite being ink and pointillism. She is presently a resident of Hoschton, GA.

Some of Deborah's Art

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