ArtWalk July 2024 - Juried Artist

Crystal Bertram

Crystal Bertram will be one of our juried artists during the July 2024 ArtWalk

About the Artist:

Crystal Bertram ArtWalk Jasper GA

Medium: Acrylic, Oil, walnut stain inks, watercolor and fabrics

Whimsical and sometimes surreal. Other works are playful and carefree. My process is all on my approach. If I am feeling a certain way, my work reflects that. Even in a replication, I am swayed and driven by the emotion and the variables within it.

I am a North Georgia Artist and I love to do new things but hold traditions as the norm. My favorite things to do is motorcycle riding, skateboarding, and maybe one day cave exploring (at this time)!

Some of Crystal's Art

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