ArtWalk July 2024 - Juried Artist

Cheryl Ruffer

Cheryl Ruffer will be one of our juried artists during the July 2024 ArtWalk

About the Artist:

Cheryl Ruffer ArtWalk Jasper GA

Medium: paint on various surfaces

I sometimes work from life but have been working lately from photos, preferably my own. I’ve tried to use different surfaces to paint on to get different effects. Some turned out to be quite a challenge like the mill because of the extreme texture of the board. Some were tough because the texture (Masonite boards) is so smooth. The fun part is trying new techniques to force yourself to change the way you put paint if the substrate.

I have been painting regularly for 11 years-mostly with oils. My goal is to put beauty and love in the world.

Some of Cheryl's Art

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