ArtWalk July 2024 - Juried Artist

Alexandra Pappageorge

Alexandra Pappageorge will be one of our juried artists during the July 2024 ArtWalk

About the Artist:

Alexandra Pappageorge ArtWalk Jasper GA

Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

I use acrylic pain on canvas. My style is free flowing, with organic like movement and textures. I tend to use bright colors mixed with mellow metallic colors and elements to create a juxtaposition effect that makes you want to look at it closer. I like to use large canvases.

My name is Alexandra Pappageorge and I am a yoga teacher and an artist. I attended the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago and love to paint as a form of expression and relaxation. I also am a yoga teacher and am working on opening Jasper Yoga.

Some of Alexandra's Art

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