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Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

PACA supports the arts and culture in Pickens County. One of our goals that’s part of this mission is to raise the online profile of Pickens as an arts and culture destination.

On this page, we offer an overview of what’s possible to accomplish. In the coming year, PACA will offer training in online methods and coordination with organizations and individuals to advance the collective image of the arts and culture in Pickens County.

Here are some sites that inspired us. They illustrate what we mean by dynamic, interactive content. Some of the content is generated by users, collaborative, and synergistic.

First: a primer on basics about the Internet and the web, 20 Things I Learned about the Internet. It looks and acts like a book, and it’s fun to read.

The New York Times “One in 8 Million” series introduces various characters around the city, in an interactive gallery of profiles:

MOMA’s interactive “PopArt” site allows viewers to browse randomly and discover art in their collection through a floating collection of samples. The “bubbles” regenerate with new examples each time you choose a piece:

Google Maps can be used to build walking tours or other self-guided explorations of a place.

Here’s a Greenwich Village walking tour:

View Greenwich Village Walking Tour in a larger map

Pickens County’s site here: – note the format of the events calendar; check the links for “Arts and Recreation” and “Photos” and “Videos”; also note the links to free listings, for example to First Mountain Arts Gallery:

What can you do?

-Synergy: Join us in growing and connecting all of our sites. Become a PACA member and your site will be on ours

-Learn: PACA will help you build up your online presence via online tutorials and workshops

Click here to download the Interest Survey. You can answer on your computer and then email the document to us.

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