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Tater Patch Players present In-laws, Outlaws, and other People (That should be Shot)

inlaws-outlaws-flyerGet ready to enjoy a hilarious show with a Christmas theme and something fun for the whole family. Dad and daughter Beth are getting ready to feed the extended family on Christmas Eve. Mom is stuck at the airport trying to get home from Vermont. Aunt Rose and Uncle Leo are bickering. Aunt Bunny is into everything and Uncle Bud is wishing he was somewhere else, while their daughter, Tracy, is just bored with the whole thing. Sound pretty typical so far? So there’s a busybody neighbor, cute blue-hair boyfriend, his little sister, the friendly neighborhood cop and… DING-DONG! …. WHO’S THAT AT THE DOOR? Well, that’s when the whole show gets really crazy, so you’ll have to come see for yourself.

Finding the Light

‘A Celebration of Light’

Make plans to attend the performance by the youth of Creative and Performing Arts Academy for the holidays on December 13th at 3:00pm.

From Director, Lexi Klupchak:

“As the holidays approach this year it seems that humanity is shrouded in a dark spector of extreme illness, racism, poverty and war. That is why you should come join a really amazing group of kids from Jasper, GA on December 13th at 3PM. Over the course of just a few classes these kids have discussed the state of the world and created a show that reminds us to look for the pockets of Light that still exist and that connect us all, across the world. To bring some light, laughter and warmth into your holiday season, please come join these remarkable kids for their show: Celebrations of Light.”

‘A Celebration of Light’ by the Creative and Performing Arts Academy, will be held at Tater Patch Players Theater.  Admission is donations at the door to Creative and Performing Arts Academy.

The best play you’ve never heard of…

Talley’s Folly: The best play you’ve never heard of…

Company players tally's follyl

For one weekend only, April 4-6, Tater Patch Players is proud to bring you The Company Players’ presentation of Talley’s Folly by Lanford Wilson. This visiting production brings together a magical mix of playwriting, acting, and art. The play itself is part of a trilogy that Wilson wrote, but stands alone as a beautiful story. It was awarded both the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the New York Drama Critics Circle award for 1980. That year, it was also a nominee for the Tony award for Best Play.

The acting talent is provided by two skilled members of The Company Players, who bring this show to you as a special treat. Hailey Fowler plays Sally Talley. Sally is a straight-laced young woman living in a very ordinary small town, Lebanon, MO. She is adored by a very unlikely suitor, the extroverted Matt Freidman of St. Louis. Matt is played by Gabriel Russo. Gabe has visited Tater Patch Players twice before, in the guise of Frank Sinatra, in dazzling supper club musical performances. He is, however, a talented and experienced actor and artist as well.

In the play, set in 1944, Matt has fallen completely in love with Sally the previous summer during a one-week courtship. He has promised, in daily letters, to come to her home on a certain date and propose marriage. The date of this proposal arrives, as does Matt. Sally has decided she and Matt are too different. He’s 42, Jewish and exuberant, bordering on goofy. She’s 31, Protestant and uptight, tending toward chilly. Their backgrounds are completely different, and each seems to be hiding a secret past. They’re  both broken souls and Continue reading



Davies to direct, auditions slated.
Submitted by Tater Patch Players

Actor and director Whit Davies will be guest directing a special production for the Tater Patch Players this coming spring. The Savannah Disputation by Evan Smith is a funny and provocative story about two Catholic sisters living out their senior years together in Savannah, Georgia. Polar opposites in personality, one sister is steadfast and forceful (think Daisy Werthan) while the other is warm and timid. However, both are somewhat ignorant concerning their own faith’s doctrine. After being approached by a door-to-door evangelical, the older sister decides to invite their good friend and weekly dinner companion, Father Murphy, to come over and “set them straight,” a goal not revealed to the reluctant priest. Hilarity and moments of drama ensue as the informal “disputation” unfolds.

Davies has been performing and directing professionally for over 35 years. Most recently he appeared as Clarence Odbody in It’s A Wonderful Life at the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech, and as Tartuffe in the Moliere classic for Fabrefaction Theatre Company. Whit’s film and television credits include several feature films, along with numerous short films, TV shows, commercials and voiceover projects. In the 1990’s he directed Bus Stop and Steel Magnolias for Tater Patch, productions remembered for their warmth and quality.
Davies says he is delighted to have this opportunity to work with the Tater Patch Players again, and says of this play, “It is a genuinely Southern, funny and thought-provoking gem. Its goal is not to belittle anyone’s personal faith, but rather highlight the diversity of thought within Christianity today. Sometimes we lose sight of the singular message that has become mingled with the dogma and traditions of multiple denominations.”

The play calls for three women, two older and one younger, and one older male. Auditions will be from the script but short monologues are highly encouraged. Resumes and headshots are welcome. The auditions will be held at The Tater Patch Playhouse, January 26th and 27th at 7pm. Performances are scheduled for April 25th, 26th, 27th, and May 2nd, 3rd and 4th. For more information, contact the playhouse at 706-253-2800 or visit the website at

‘Lion in Winter’ roars in to Jasper

Lion in Winter

This winter, Tater Patch Players transports us to the castle of King Henry II, in Chinon, France, for a comedy about a very historic family feud.

The year is 1183 AD and King Henry II has released his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine from captivity to spend the Christmas season with her sons.  The castle is famous for its grace and beauty, but a beast presides.

As King of England, Henry must choose an heir to the throne.  Each of his three sons want the crown.  Henry is determined that his sons will not divide the empire that he has built. 

Eleanor favors the oldest son, Richard, for the throne, while Henry wants to pass the crown to John, the youngest. Geoffrey, the middle son, is left out of the discussion, but that doesn’t make him sit back and take his fate.

Continue reading


Lion in Winter Jan 2014 016

PACA is pleased to invite you behind the velvet curtain at Tater Patch Players to talk with our local actors and production talent. This “Meet the Artist” event highlights their performance of “The Lion in Winter,” a major cultural event for January.

Come to the theater to enjoy the company of the talented performers and crew, on Friday January 17, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. PACA will be serving wine (thank you, Trouts), tea and desserts.

You’ll get a preview of the play and have a chance to talk to the cast about their roles, about the theater – or just to hear their off-stage voices! The theater is at 95 Philadelphia Lane, behind Walmart in Jasper.

Then take your pick of dates from January 24 to February 8 to see the show. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinees, January 26 and February 2, are at 2 p.m.

The play is about the epic family struggle over who will succeed Henry II – with sharp swords and even sharper words. Jan Simpson directs a cast headed by Alex Nawrocki and Janet Vardaman.


Rehearsal / Photo by Pat Jewell

Rehearsal / Photo by Pat Jewell

Discover arts and culture in 2014


Have you been saying, “I really ought to see what local artists are doing” or “Gosh, I haven’t been to the theater in a long time”? Well, resolve to fix that this year! In cooperation with, PACA is giving you the support to find local culture in January and all through 2014.

Meet the Artist

This year, PACA is launching a new event: Meet the Artist. We’ll be showcasing local performers, painters, musicians, and other purveyors of culture. The featured artist or group will be on our quarterly events calendar, and we’ll host a get-together so that the whole community can get acquainted with them.

Our featured artist on our inaugural calendar was Mark Walker, and he’ll be celebrated at the annual membership meeting in February. More about that in a few weeks.

For this quarter, Tater Patch Players is the featured artist. Their performance of “The Lion in Winter,” which is the main cultural event for January, will be highlighted on the quarterly calendar.

Come to the theater and meet the talented actors and crew, on Friday January 17, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. PACA will be serving wine (thanks to Trouts!), tea and desserts. You’ll get a preview of the play and have a chance to talk to the cast about their roles, about the theater – or just to hear their off-stage voices! The theater is at 95 Philadelphia Lane, behind Walmart in Jasper.

“The Lion in Winter”

Then take your pick of dates from January 24 to February 8 to see the show. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30 p.m. Sunday matinees, January 26 and February 2, are at 2 p.m.
The play is about the epic family struggle over who will succeed Henry II – with sharp swords and even sharper words. Jan Simpson directs a cast headed by Alex Nawrocki and Janet Vardaman. Don’t miss it!

Nature Photography

And to see another group of sharp shooters – with cameras – be sure to catch the Nature Photography Exhibit at Big Canoe. This juried exhibit will showcase local beauty, with awards for the three top photos.

The show opens at the Big Canoe Swim Club on Jan. 4-5, and moves to the Brownstone building for Jan. 6-17. The photos will be displayed in the lobby of the Smoke Signals office on the second floor, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. The public will have the chance to vote for “Best of Show” from among the 18 photos.

And another thing …

Please let us know about upcoming events! One simple online form – click here. If you need help with the form, there’s a video – click here – or written instructions – click here.

Did someone say SNOW??

Dashing Through the Snow Flyer jpg


Join the Tater Patch Players for the holiday show, Dashing Through The Snow.

The play was written by the successful team of Jones, Hope, and Wooten, who brought us The Dixie Swim Club, along with many other hilarious shows.  Every scene in Dashing Through the Snow is a comedy gem… from the naughty Mrs. Claus, to the actors with a special task to complete, to the hilarious Futrelle sisters who’ve come to the Snowflake Inn, in Tinsel, TX (where it’s Christmas 365 days of the year). It’s a holiday romp with a large cast (and we’ve thrown in a different director for each scene, just to add some more excitement).

The show will be performed November 22,23,24 and December 6,7,8,13 and 14.

Visit Tater Patch Players website (click here) for more information and tickets.

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